Genesis High School

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212° and IT Award Recipients Announced!

The 212° recipients are teacher Angela Alvarado of Lost Pines Elementary, teacher Jeanie De Leon of BHS and the PAC, custodian Aaron Limuel of the BHS Sports Complex, teacher Cary Prater of CCHS, nurse Becky Raemsch of Emile Elementary, teacher Christin Siller of BHS, and teacher Kristen Stevenson of CCMS.

The Innovation in Teaching recipients are teacher Heather Bond of Cedar Creek Elementary, teacher Christiane Dodillet of Mina Elementary, Elma Fowler of Gateway DAEP, and library specialist Pattie Nix of Bluebonnet Elementary.

The 4th six weeks nominations will open soon so keep your eyes and ears active for spotting another wonderful member of our team who deserves to be recognized!